iPod Touch Stuck in Recovery Mode

Is your iPod Touch playing up? For all the money that has been put into Apple’s products, you would think that they would be infallible by now, but nope. Things still go wrong and most of the time you have to go see the Geniuses at the Apple store to fix your Apple product. But right now, you don’t need a Genius to fix your iPod Touch when it’s stuck in Recovery Mode, no sir!

You can fix your iPod Touch yourself, whether you’re a ‘genius’ or not.

You know which one is Recovery Mode, right? That’s the one where you see the little iTunes symbol on a black screen and an indicator to plug your iPod Touch into your computer. Your iPod Touch likely have experienced a software or firmware fault that it can’t recover from. This is a relatively normal thing to happen, so you don’t have to panic.

Usually, you just do what your iPod Touch says – plug it in to your computer and run up iTunes to see if you can fix the problem. But if this isn’t working or if you don’t have iTunes on your computer, you would want to try another route.

Luckily, there is another way to get your iPod Touch out of Recovery Mode. It’s by using a third party software application designed specifically to help folks out with technical issues on their iOS devices. The software is called Dr. Fone and it’s made by the software utilities company Wondershare.

Dr. Fone is well-regarded among consumers and can be used for other iOS operations like backing up data as well. Like the name suggests, it also works with iPhones (and iPads too).

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If you’d like to use Dr. Fone to get your device out like iPod Touch stuck in Recovery Mode, we’ve got all the steps (on how exactly to do it) outlined below so you can easily follow along at home.


1. Download Dr. Fone from Wondershare to your computer. The software comes in two versions – Windows and Mac – so that everyone is able to use it.

2. Install Dr. Fone in an accessible location. You will likely want to use the software again for other operations, so make sure to install it into a directory that is easy to access.

3. Open Dr. Fone. The software has a very “easy on the eye” landing page.

4. Get your iPod Touch data cable and use it to hook up your iPod Touch and your computer.



5. Close any other programs that automatically start when you connect your iPod Touch and your computer.

6. Study the top bar of the application. There will be various different tabbed options. Click on the ‘Fix iOS to Normal’ tab.

7. Survey the page. Dr. Fone prompts you that it will update your iOS to the latest version after fixing your iPod Touch, that it will re-lock any unlocked devices, and it will restore itself to a jailbroken state after restoring. Note that Dr. Fone won’t cause any data loss when you’re getting it out of Recovery Mode.

8. Press the Start button.

9. The program will attempt to retrieve your iPod Touch make and model. This is done so the correct version of iOS will be downloaded and your iPod Touch can update to it after. The make and model will be displayed in the drop-down menus on the screen. If the details are not correct, you can manually change them to the exact settings yourself.



10. Click Download to allow Dr. Fone to download the latest iOS version.

11. Wait for Dr. Fone to download the iOS firmware update. This may take a little time, depending on your Internet connection speeds.



12. The program will then fix your iPod Touch and update your operating system to the latest firmware update. Make sure that you keep your device connected and don’t try to play with it until Dr. Fone has finished working it’s magic.

13. After completion, unplug your iPod Touch and shut down Dr. Fone. It will now be ready to go, should your device ever have a similar problem again.


And that’s it! No more worrying about iPod Touch stuck in Recovery Mode. You can also get your iPod Touch out of various other modes it has entered when it’s instable. Just follow the same steps above to fix it again.


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