My iPhone Won’t Turn On – What To Do?

Is your iPhone stuck and won’t turn on? Don’t despair, we are here to help!

As it turns out, this is one of the most common problems that we see occurring with iPhones. Due to user or software errors, sometimes the darn thing just won’t switch itself on! It either gets stuck in a loop or nothing even happens at all – leaving you without a working phone and just about ready to tear your hair out.

Fortunately, most of the time, you are easily able to get your iPhone back to its normal self in no time at all, and with minimal effort.

Run through the list of fixes below to see if you can get your phone up and running again quickly.


Check Your Charger

If you are trying to use a computer to charge your iPhone, then don’t. It may be possible that the power output from your computer is actually not strong enough to charge your phone. This is especially true for older computers or smaller tablets.

Plug your phone into a wall socket instead with an Apple-certified charger and wait to see if your phone changes to the battery symbol after a short while. If not, check your wall socket if it works by plugging another appliance and then check if your charger is working by plugging in another phone.


Reboot Your Phone

If you are sure that you already have charge, try a reboot on your phone. Grasp your iPhone and hold down both the home and the on/off buttons at once for 10-20 seconds. You should see a white Apple logo appear on the screen. If you wait for around a minute or so, then your phone should boot up as normal.


Check the Mute Switch

If rebooting doesn’t work, try toggling the mute switch on the side of your iPhone on and off a few times before trying to reboot again. Something not quite right in the wiring often means this is the cause of issues in the phone.


Use Dr. Fone to Fix Your iPhone

What is Dr. Fone, you say? It’s a program for your computer designed to help you out with your iPhone troubles. Dr. Fone is used both to recover data from your iPhone and at the same time fix your iPhone when it’s not switching on properly.

The program is really easy to use and all you need to have is a computer, your iPhone and a data cord. It works with every iPhone from the 3GS up to the 6S (along with the Plus versions), and you can also use it with your iPad or iPad Pro too.

It’s free to try, so give it a go now!



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Download the program and you can fix your phone now by using these steps:


1. Open up Dr. Fone on your computer.

2. Plug in your iPhone to your computer using a (working!) data cable.

3. Click on ‘Fix iOS to Normal’ on the right of the page.



4. Review the information on the screen. You will be told that Dr. Fone can help restore your phone to a normal state without losing any data and that the latest version of iOS will be installed at the same time to prevent further instability.

5. Press Start.



6. Review the information on the screen again. It will detail your device number and model. If any of the fields are incorrect, you can adjust them in the field boxes.

7. Click Download.



8. Wait for iOS to download onto your device and for Dr. Fone to fix your phone. When it is finished, a page will be displayed saying that your phone is now ready for use.



Visit the Apple Store

If you’ve come this far and your phone is still not switching on, then it’s time for a trip to the experts. We recommend calling to book an appointment at the Apple store in advance so you won’t be left waiting around for an available Genius to come and assist you. The store may or may not be able to fix your phone on the spot.

If you are covered under warranty, they will send your phone to the lab to check what’s wrong with it while giving you a phone to use in the meantime. If it can be repaired, they will fix your phone at no cost and if it isn’t, they will issue you a replacement phone.

If you aren’t covered under warranty, then you will be up for any costs associated with the repair job.

We hope that, after using this guide, you will be able to sort out your iPhone issues. Just remember, always keep your phone at least 20% charged, update to the latest iOS releases to avoid software flaws, and update your apps for stability too.

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