How to Recover Notes from iPad

How to Recover Notes from iPad the Fast and Easy Way


Notes seem pretty innocuous.

Almost every phone in the market comes with the ability to quickly type in snippets of text as “notes”. But iPad users get to access deluxe features and the Notes application is a far cry from the typical post-it like experience.

You can not only create To-Do lists within notes, you can also go ahead and attach images or videos to them. If you find something noteworthy in another app like Google Maps or the Safari browser, you can share the information with the Notes functionality to consolidate your data.

So what happens when an iPad suffers physical trauma, liquid damage or processor overheating? There are many extenuating circumstances under which users may not be able to access the details they have saved to various notes. This is frustrating and calls for speedy recovery.

Dr. Fone from Wondershare is a utility capable of doing just that. It assists how to recover notes from iPads in three comprehensive modes including a full body iOS scan.


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Before Initiating a Scan, Please Keep in Mind


1.     If the process is undertaken as soon as loss of information is detected, the probability of success is higher than if other installed apps are allowed to over-write the inaccessible data during various operations.


2.     If the PC/laptop supporting Dr. Fone also happens to support the iTunes account associated with the iPad, then when the device is connected to the Wondershare system, there might be auto syncing of specifics. To disable this, visit the iTunes dashboard, choose ‘Preferences’, scroll to ‘Devices’ and tick ‘Prevent iPods, iPhones and iPads from syncing automatically’.

restoring notes from iPad


3.     For the scan to initiate, the iPad should be in Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU) mode. Just:

  • Press the Power button for 3 seconds
  • Press the Power and Home buttons together for 10 seconds
  • Release the Power button but keep the home button pressed for 15 more seconds


To reach DFU:

retrieving notes from iPad



Since the sequence has to be executed precisely Dr. Fone also offers an animated instruction screen to guide the users.


Mode 1: Recover from iOS Device

An iOS recovery is the most tricky and tedious to conduct without Dr. Fone. This is because Apple manufactures both the hardware and the associated software resulting in a snug fit that makes root application difficult for other retrieval apps.


1.     Connect the iPad to Dr. Fone through the PC/Laptop. Put the device in DFU mode and select the first option – Recover from iOS Device on the home screen.


2.     Allow the application to analyze the iPad model. It does so to ensure that it can facilitate the scan successfully. Once the compatibility is determined, the ‘Start Scan’ button becomes available. Click it to trigger the process.

how to recover notes from iPad


3.     A scan that is underway always notes the time to completion with a progress bar. The buttons ‘Stop’ and ‘Pause’ to the right of this bar serve a special purpose. They can help you recover items on the fly. Dr. Fone gives you the flexibility to peruse and select notes that are identified for recovery before the full sequence completes. But for the actual retrieval to go through, you must disrupt the scan. The Stop and Pause options terminate the process prematurely or halt it midway.

recover notes from iPad


4.     Once the scan completes, the display screen is presented. To the left of this screen there is a directory where each node represents a particular data format. You can use this directory to directly navigate to the selection of notes that can be reinstated by the system. Use the search bar to call up files by name or by keyword. The On/Off slider filters the view to focus on only deleted data. Tick the appropriate checkboxes to choose individual items or to select files in bulk.

how to retrieve Notes from iPad



5.     With the choices made, click ‘Recover’. The notes will be saved either to the hard disk of the computer or to the connected iPad.

retrieving Notes from iPad


Mode 2: Recover from iTunes Backup File

iTunes is the offline backup platform that is provided by Apple to its users. Dr. Fone can scan the contents of iTunes backup files as well and retrieve information in the form of lost notes.


1.     Connect the iPad in DFU mode to Dr. Fone and select the second option on the home screen – Recover from iTunes Backup File.


2.     From the list of backup containers that are presented, choose the one that is the most likely to hold the notes you seek. Use file attributes like Name, Date of Creation and ID Number to inform the selection. Click ‘Start Scan’.

how to retrieve Notes from iPad


3.     Allow the process to run its course and choose the required data from the display screen. Save the notes either to the PC/laptop or to the connected device.

retrieve Notes from iPad


Mode 3: Recover from iCloud Backup File

iCloud complements iTunes perfectly because it is the online counterpart of the legacy Apple application. Dr. Fone works with iCloud as well and can directly extract data from the files on the server.


1.     Connect the iPad to the software and choose the third alternative – Recover from iCloud Backup File.


2.     When prompted to do so, input the iCloud login credentials and allow Dr. Fone to access the containers.

restoring deleted notes from iPad


3.     From the list, select the backup file that has updated copies of the information important to you. Choose this file and then hit ‘Download’.

recovering deleted notes from iPad



4.     From the pop-up, select the option Notes. This is done to ensure that Dr. Fone only downloads the data type that is relevant to you, saving both broadband consumption and time to scan completion. Click “Next” to initiate the process.

how to retrieve deleted iPad notes


how to restore deleted notes from iPad


5.     Now tick the notes that are useful and “Recover” them to the desired location.

restoring notes deleted from iPad


That’s how to recover Notes from iPad easily! Dr. Fone from Wondershare eliminates all the hassles. Here is a quick recap of the steps involved:

  • Connect the iPad in DFU to the Dr. Fone system
  • Choose the mode that makes the most sense
  • Select the right backup file
  • Allow the scan to complete
  • Now recover the required notes



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