Restore iPhone From Backup

Did I backup? Didn’t I? Oh my god, did I just lose all my data?

Ever since computers have been around, there has been the inevitable crash or fail and you have to think carefully whether you’ve backed up your files or not. Even worse is the case when you know you haven’t backed up at all!

Things are no different these days… Or are they? Let’s face it, iPhones crash and fail too. They like to jump out of your pocket and smash on the floor. They like to come swimming with you at the beach. They like to sit on the car roof after you jump in and start driving off. They like to go plunge in the toilet bowl. They also like to stay on the table at the pub after you left to go home, or stay on the bus after you’ve hopped off at your stop.

Luckily these days, we don’t have to worry so much about whether we’ve backed up our iPhone or not: most backups occur without you noticing – usually while you’re asleep. Your iPhone will send a backup of itself to the iCloud when it is locked, plugged in to charge and connected to an active wifi connection. Your iPhone will also create a backup of itself on iTunes every time you plug it into your computer and sync with your iTunes. And if you’re extra cautious, you can also create manual backup files of your phone whenever you want.

When your phone encounters an unfortunate accident, you would want to have your backup and recovery method easily on hand so you can right away get all your files back. Enter: Dr. Fone. It can restore iPhone from backup fast and easy.

Dr. Fone by Wondershare is a software downloadable for your Mac or PC that can restore iPhone data both from your iCloud account and your iTunes (and even your device in some cases!). It’s user friendly, comprehensive, and allows you to save your backup to your computer and/or sync your phone with your backup copy.


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To restore your iPhone from your iTunes backup file, download Dr. Fone and follow these steps:




1. Choose Recover from iTunes Backup File up the top of the main software window. This will bring up all your backup files that have been made by the iTunes account on your computer. There may be multiple devices and dates listed, so choose the one that you’re after then press Start Scan.




2. The software will start scanning your selected iTunes backup file. Wait until the scan has finished to see all the information available. You’ll see items like Camera Roll, Messages and Reminders that are selectable categories. You can choose to retrieve everything or just specific items, so go through each of them and select accordingly. Press the Recover button to save the data to your computer, after which you have the option to resync this data with your phone.


To restore your iPhone from your iCloud backup file, follow these steps:



1. Choose Recover from iCloud Backup File up the top of the main software window. This will bring up a login page for your iCloud account (your Apple account). You will have to enter your Apple ID and password to find the backup files in the iCloud.




2. Once you’ve correctly entered your login details, Dr. Fone will retrieve your backup file details from the iCloud. This will bring up all your backup files that have been saved to your iCloud account. As with the iTunes recovery method, there may be multiple devices and dates listed, so choose the one that you’re after then press Download to retrieve the data from the Apple servers.




3. Wait for the backup file to download from the servers and scan. It will come up with all of your Apple app history item categories on the left, and the actual items themselves in the middle. Go through all of the items to find what you would like to keep. You can choose entire categories at a time by making sure the checkbox to the left of it is checked. When you are ready to retrieve and save the information, click the Recover button. This will save all selected data to your computer which you can then sync your phone with.


Thankfully, these days, worrying about whether you’ve made a backup copy of your digital information is generally a non-issue. Your iPhone is continually creating backups of your data so that in the case of the inevitable emergency, all your data is easily recoverable. Using Dr. Fone is the easiest way to get your data back without the headache; it can successfully restore iPhone from backup. You can download a copy of Dr. Fone for a free trial and when ready to purchase, the software comes with a 30-day money back guarantee to give you a complete peace of mind – making the road to data recovery a lot more manageable.


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