How to Speed up Your iPhone Camera

speed up iPhone camera


There are many different ways in which you might want to know how to speed up your iPhone camera. Maybe you’ve got a clever pet who always seems to be doing things when your phone’s locked and then sneakily being finished once you’ve actually managed to open your camera. Or maybe you want to take a picture of your friend jumping in the pool but don’t know how to get the best picture.

In this article, we take a look at the ways in which you can speed up your iPhone camera to get just what you want out of your phone.



Speed up your iPhone camera by accessing it from the lock screen

You’ll find that it’s way too difficult to unlock your iphone, open up your Camera app, and then take that snap when you’re trying to get an “in the moment” picture. To access your iPhone camera way more quickly, you can actually do it from your lock screen. Here’s how:

  1. Press the Home button to wake up your iPhone
  2. Press the camera icon on the screen
  3. Swipe up to unlock to the camera
  4. Shoot!


Ask Siri to help you out to take a photo faster on your iPhone

Do you use ‘Hey Siri’? It’s one of the coolest features in the latest versions of iOS and can make your life a whole lot easier. If you want to get Siri to give you help in opening your camera, all you’ll need to do is say “Hey Siri, camera”. Simple as that!


Use Fast Access to open your iPhone camera faster

Find yourself always searching for apps on your screen instead of knowing just where to press? Your iPhone camera is automatically available straight from your fast access menu. Which menu is that? The one that you swipe up to find and contains goodies like Wi-Fi on/off, flashlight, and Airplane Mode. To access the camera from Fast Access:

  1. From your Home screen, swipe up from the bottom of your screen
  2. Select the Camera icon at the bottom on the right
  3. Shoot!


How to speed up your iPhone camera using 3D touch

3D touch gets a little underutilized we think, but you can use it to start snapping away faster, too. To use 3D touch to access your camera:

  1. From your Home screen, find your Camera app and tap and hold it
  2. Choose ‘Take Photo’ from the shortcut menu
  3. Shoot!

how to speed up your iPhone camera



Need to shoot a series of action shots?

If you’re trying to get a number of photos in a row of something happened, like photographing a race, you’ll need to use Burst Mode. Bust Mode takes a number of photos all very quickly for you – you don’t need to press that camera button over and over again.

To use Burst Mode, first you’ll need to have your camera app open. Line up your photo and then hold down the shutter button. It will then take a “burst” of pictures that you can choose from to keep.


Is it your shutter speed making your iPhone camera slow?

Is it simply your shutter that’s moving slow? What many people who aren’t skilled at photography might not realize is that a slower shutter speed allows more movement and light into your photos. Conversely, a faster shutter speed will result in sharper pictures.

So how do you change your shutter speed? Well, you’ll need an app for that. Have a browse around at some camera control apps for the iPhone and you’ll see adjustments like shutter speed, focus, and exposure. This way you can make your iPhone camera take pictures faster.

If you’re a bit of a photo buff or would want to become better at photography, then the easiest way to do this is by downloading a dedicated camera app. Although the native iOS camera function is very nifty and easy to use, you just don’t get the same range of control as you do with some of the other apps on the App Store.

Your iPhone is capable of taking amazing pictures. We live in a time now when there really is no need for most of us to own a DSLR. Take faster pictures with your iPhone to get the most out of your investment!

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