The New iPhone 7

The New iPhone 7: A Comprehensive Review

The new iPhone 7 has been on the market for a while now. And given the dramatic teasers Apple has been dripping users pre-launch, the level of excitement and anticipation was epic.

So is the newest avatar of the most sought-after luxury tech item on the market worth the hefty price tag of almost $1000 for the 256 GB iPhone 7 Plus model?

Let’s find out!

Body & Aesthetics

This iteration of the iPhone has a significant number of major tweaks to its outer cast and the way the device feels in hand.

iPhone evangelists and loyalists have always complained about the antennae stripes which have bordered the phone for generations. But the iPhone 7 sees an exterior that is blessedly free of the lines that marred its appeal.

The camera boasts a larger lens and sensor. We will dive into the details of its specs later. Suffice it to say that the newest iPhone model has paid close attention to the camera cut off. Instead of leaving the lens rather vulnerable and protruding from the body, the device ensures a snug and encompassed fit.

camera lens of iPhone 7



Another conspicuous absence is that of the headphone jack. The familiar feature is missing. Apple has shifted to a pair of pods that can be used through the lightning port. Users can also enjoy wireless headphones synced with the device.

iPhone 7 airpods


Last but not the least, the physical home button has been replaced with a capacitive touch, haptic feedback unit that is less likely to malfunction than its predecessor. It is extremely sensitive to touch. And the fact that the lock screen illuminates as soon as the iPhone is picked up (thanks to the iOS10 Raise to Wake lock screen facility) points to the fact that Apple is encouraging users to be gentle with the Home button and use it only when needed.


The Claim of Being Waterproof

Visit any forum and you will see confessions from iPhone 7 users that hail the device as truly “water proof”. People have slipped in their iPhones with their laundry and the device has lived to put through calls and click photos.

According to official statement, the iPhone 7 can stay under water (for up to 1 meter) for 30 minutes without damaging the hardware. You can even take a submerged selfie!

iPhone 7 waterproof


The Camera & Display

The rear or main camera is a whopping 12 mega pixels! The selfie camera comes in decent at 7 mega pixels. Both the lenses boast image stabilization. The selfie flash is reportedly 50% brighter. Shutterbugs are also enjoying the iOS10 powered ability to edit live photos and tweak raw images with advanced color and contrast controls.

The iPhone 7 display is truly a thing of beauty. It operates in the DCI P3 color space as opposed to the sRGB of its predecessors. In plain speak, this translates into three things:

  • The ability to detect and reproduce more colors
  • Better, truer to life reproduction of hues
  • More vibrant and bright images which make streaming videos a delight


Performance & Applications


The iPhone 7 has four cores that make it a perfect balance of power saving and brute strength. Two of the cores are optimized for performance. This enable faster loading and closing of tabs and applications. The other two cores work at 50% of the power capacity of its peers. This should have ideally given the iPhone 7 an edge over the older models in terms of frugal battery consumption. But the improvement is slight, if any!

In terms of application shifts, Siri has been “unchained”. Quite possibly to compete with the Google Voice Assistant! It can now message your friends on WhatsApp and access a number of third party platforms like booking Uber and the likes. The capability will expand in the coming models and this has added value to the concept of a voice assistant that can truly help across multiple digital channels.

new Siri in iPhone 7



Moreover, iPhone 7 is so much smoother when it comes to letting users enjoy 3D Touch. The 3D Touch made waves when iPhone 6 came with this breakthrough feature. With the iPhone 7, you can now read messages on the Home screen itself by long pressing the native message icon. The other app icons also pop to present a more comprehensive list of actions that can be taken without actually opening them.

Most importantly, you can now remove the native app icons cluttering your screen (though uninstalling them is still not possible) and arrange the ones that you regularly use for a highly personalized experience.

deleting native apps in iPhone 7

Should you upgrade to the iPhone 7? Cumulatively, the changes seem impressive on paper. But they do not leave the impact that people have come to expect from Apple innovations. Go for the iPhone 7 if you are an Android user or you’re currently using an iPhone 5 (or older). The shift will be significant. But if you already own the iPhone 6, you might as well wait for the next model to put in an appearance.

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