Tips for New iPad User

tips for new iPad user


It’s never too late to pick up on technology! If you have just bought your first iPad, been issued with one at work, or have been given one by someone, then it may be a little daunting at first knowing what to do. That is why we have compiled this list of tips for new iPad user.


Tips for New iPad User #1: Getting Familiar with the Home Button

Why is there just one button on the iPad? If you’ve come from a background of just using computers, or maybe a Blackberry, then the prospect of just one button can be a bit daunting. It can take a little bit of time to get used to but once you’re familiar with it, things should be a snap. Here’s a quick wrap up:

  • 1 click: Returns you to your Home screen or if your iPad is sleeping, turns it on.
  • 2 clicks: Launches your Fast App Switcher or if your iPad is sleeping with music playing, launches the music controls.
  • 3 clicks: Opens Accessibility settings.

Click and hold: Launches Siri.


Tips for New iPad User #2: Setting up your Passcode

Keeps out snoops and thieves by setting up a passcode lock on your iPad. Here’s how:

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPad.
  2. Select Passcode / Touch ID & Passcode.
  3. Choose ‘Turn Passcode On‘.
  4. Type in a 6 digit passcode.
  5. Reenter the same passcode to confirm it.

Now, whenever your iPad is locked, you will need to enter this 6 digit passcode to open it again.


new iPad user tips


Tips for New iPad User #3: Multitasking by Switching Between Apps Quickly

Most iPad users will need to switch between apps every once in a while, if not constantly! You might be jumping around from your email to checking a fact on Google, and going to the Home screen and finding the next app you need can be tedious.

Once you have more than one app running, you can easily switch between them using the Home button.

To switch between running apps, simply double tap the Home button to bring up your list of running apps. Scroll through to the app you need to use by swiping left or right, and then tap it to open. If an app is not running, you will, however, need to return to the Home screen first to launch it. To do this, tap the Home button once and then swipe left and right through your list of apps to find the one you need. This app will now be running until you exit it or switch off your iPad.


Tips for New iPad User #4: Take a Screenshot

Screenshots are so handy! Whether it’s grabbing a picture of a map when you know that you won’t have Wi-Fi available when you need it, or a recipe you’ve found on a website that you want to whip up, taking a quick pic of your screen makes things very easy.

To take a screenshot, you will need to press the Home button at the same time as your iPad’s On/Off button, until your iPad makes a noise and the screen shows a “camera shot” being taken. The picture will automatically be placed in your Camera Roll which is accessible via the Photos app.


Tips for New iPad User #5: Sharing Photos

Whether it’s that map screenshot you’ve just taken or maybe just a nice picture of your dog that you took on the weekend, photos are for sharing! Here’s how to send photos to other people.


1. Open up the Photos app by selecting it on the Home screen.

2. Choose “Select” at the top of the screen.

3. Tap each of the photos that you want to share.

4. Press the “Share” button at the bottom left of the screen. It’s the one that is a square with an arrow rising up through the middle of it.

5. Choose how you would like to share your photo/s. This can be through connected AirDrop recipients, Messages, Mail, Notes, or Facebook apps. Select the method that you want to use.

6. Enter the details of the recipient and press send.


And there you have it – different tips for new iPad users. Enjoy tinkering with your iPad!

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