Top iPhone Maintenance Tips and Tricks



Got yourself an iPhone? Do you take care of it properly? That’s not just keeping it away from water and slipping it into a protective cover! Your iPhone is a significant investment, and so you want to maintain it correctly to protect this investment. Help extend your battery life, keep your phone running faster, and reduce the risk of breakages with this helpful list of top iPhone maintenance tips and tricks.


Spring cleaning isn’t just for your home
If you’re anything like most people then you’ve downloaded a bunch of apps, used them once or twice, and then never really touched them again. So why not clean up not only your Home screen, but also some space on your phone’s memory? Anything you haven’t used in the past 3 months should get the chop – hey, you can always download it again if you choose to anyway!

To delete an app, simply tap and hold it on your Home screen until it starts jumping around and you see the red cross in the top corner. Tap the cross to delete.


Turn down your brightness
The only time that you should really need to have full brightness on your phone screen is when you’re outside in the daytime. During the day outside, your phone will need to be lit up fully to see what’s on the screen but at other times, this isn’t necessary. The backlight of your phone is a huge power consumer, so turn it down when you don’t need it.

To turn down your brightness levels, simply swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone. The top slider has two suns on either side – this is your brightness level. To turn it right down, drag the slider way over to the left hand side. Remember to slide it back over to the right when you’re stepping outside to use your phone or you might not be able to view your screen.


Turn off your network connections when not in use
One of the biggest battery hogs is background data. This is when you’re connected to either a cellular connection, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and your phone is continually either grabbing data to feed to your apps in the background, or searching for a new network connection. If you don’t need any networked activities and aren’t waiting for an email to come through, turn them off.

To switch off networks, swipe up from the bottom of your screen and press the airplane icon for plane mode. This will switch off cellular networks, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth all at once.


Don’t overcharge your phone!
Did you know that your iPhone retains its battery life best when it is left at about 50% – 80% charge, instead of 100%? Once your phone is charged, remember to disconnect it from your charger and if you’re going out, oftentimes you don’t need 100% (80% will do anyway!). Resist the urge to always fill up your battery and it will last longer and thus extending the life of your phone. Carrying a power bank with you is a great way to stop stressing about running out of battery.




Use a screen protector
How many people have you seen getting about with a smashed iPhone screen over the years? It happens more regularly than we would like to admit! Although the latest model phones are equipped with a stronger glass than ever before, there’s still a chance that you’re going to crack or shatter your screen. Adding a screen protector (along with a rubberized case, of course!) will help to protect your investment. Tempered glass screen protectors are a great way to go.








Perform a Full System Reset
If you like to keep your phones longer term – that is, more than 1 or 2 years before you update your handset – it can be handy to perform a full system reset to clear out all the accumulated junk on your iPhone. The factory reset will give you a clean slate to work from again and you’ll find your phone running faster and performing better. Before a factory reset, remember to back up all important information. Some apps are covered by iCloud backups and some aren’t and so always remember to check first!


So there you have it – the top iPhone maintenance tips and tricks to keep your phone in tiptop shape and always in good running condition.

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