Using iPad as Digital Picture Frame

How handy are iPads? It’s hard to believe we ever lived without them! Touch screen were just a gimmick for so long and then BAM! Apple came out with this game-changing technology that had everyone from toddlers to businessmen tapping away on their apps, dragging things across their screen. Hey, they’ve even got apps made specifically for cats! Crazy, right?


Anyway, although you might have an iPad now, you may also have an older one kicking around the place. One that’s too slow and lousy to actually use (unless you’re totally desperate), but that still works just fine for simple stuff. There’s no need to throw out your old iPad just yet because it’s no longer needed.  You can instead repurpose it, making it a handy addition to your home or office by using it as a digital picture frame.


“A what?”, you say? Remember those digital photo frames that were all the craze for a while? The ones that were the same size as a regular photo frame but interestingly had pictures displayed on them reading from your camera’s SD card? Well, they aren’t quite as big as they once were, as many people have completely ditched their cameras (complete with its SD card), in favor of using their iPhones instead. But you can easily get your hands on something better– your old iPad! That’s right, using iPad as digital picture frame is easy and possible! In landscape mode, it looks quite similar to those digital photo frames, doesn’t it? So you can do this with your old iPad if it isn’t in use.


How to turn your iPad into a digital photo frame:


First up, check out what version of iOS you are running on your iPad. If it is iOS 6 or previous versions of the operating system, then you’ll have functionality inbuilt into your iPad already that will allow you to use your device as a digital picture frame. If it’s running iO7 or later, then you’ll need to download an app specifically to use it as a digital photo frame.


For iOS 6 or previous

Initial steps:

  • Enter ‘Settings’ on your iPad.
  • Choose ‘General’.
  • Look down the list until you find ‘Passcode Lock’ and then select it.
  • Turn on the option for ‘Picture Frame’.
  • From here, you will be able to choose how the pictures are to be displayed, which images to grab, etc. Here’s how:
  • Enter ‘Settings’.
  • Choose ‘Picture Frame’.
  • Select ‘Transition’ and configure the amount of time between switching to the next image – around 5 seconds is generally a good amount of time between frames.
  • If you wish, choose from ‘Zoom in on faces’ for a cool zoom effect around the faces in each of your pictures.
  • Choose ‘Shuffle’ if you’d like the photos to appear in a random order.
  • Pick which pictures you would like to appear, by either selecting them all, selecting from a particular album, or choosing from multiple different albums.
  • Exit your ‘Settings’.


To view your photo display:

  • Press the Power button on your iPad so the screen goes black.
  • Press the Power button again so you see the lock screen.
  • Find the little flower on the side where it says ‘Slide to unlock’ and press it.

You will now see your photo display!



For iOS 7 or later
To use your iPad as a photo frame, you’ll need to download a specific app to do it for you as the ‘Picture Frame’ functionality isn’t included in later versions of iOS. These apps function similarly (that is, using iPad as digital picture frame) but may have different settings like transition effects, music, timing, etc. There are even some companies making slotted frames for your iPad so that it even looks like a proper photo frame!

So if you have an iPad that’s lying around not getting used enough, why not turn it into a digital photo frame?

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