What To Do If You Forgot iPhone Lock Password

Oh no! Forgotten your iPhone lock password? What to do if you forgot iPhone lock password? Maybe you just had a total brain hiccup and can’t unlock your everyday device or maybe it’s an old phone you’ve got lying around that you have completely forgotten its password. Either way, it can be tough to get in!

Luckily, we’ve come up with the solution to get you back into your iPhone and you can DIY from your home or office. Instead of asking your tech friend for advice, you can follow our steps to open your iPhone again in no time flat.

Be warned – the process comes with an iPhone factory reset which means you must back up your phone first! Failing to perform a back up will result in losing everything that you have on your phone.

Backup your iPhone first

The first part of the solution involves backing up your iPhone. You don’t want to lose everything on your phone, do you? Of course not!

The simple way to backup is by using the incredibly simple-to-use software program Dr. Fone. It’s designed especially to help iPhone users who need to backup or recover lost data on their iPhone, and it also works for iPads too.

So download and install Dr. Fone on your computer so that you can start backing up.

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Grab your USB cable and hook up your phone to your computer. You will need to exit any programs that start up which includes iTunes. Now you will need to launch Dr. Fone.


You will notice how clean and intuitive the interface looks. It’s designed to be user friendly! Click over on the left hand side icon where it says ‘Recover from iOS Device’. Leave every checkbox ticked in the ‘Existing Data’ section in the window that appears. You can uncheck all the checkboxes in the ‘Deleted Data from the Device’ if you don’t need it to recover your deleted files. Press Start down the bottom to begin.



Here’s where Dr. Fone will scan your iPhone and find all the data on it. You can see the progress of the scan and the remaining time at the top of the window. You should wait until the scan is completely finished.




When it’s done, the bar will disappear. Select all the checkboxes down the strip on the left of the page and then hit that Export to PC button at the bottom right to save it all to your computer for use later. You can now exit the Dr. Fone program.


Now for the reset…


Here’s where you will reset your iPhone. All your data will be lost after this step so make sure that you followed the backup method discussed previously and everything is saved!


Open up iTunes and ensure that your iPhone is still connected to your computer. When you open it up, you will need to press down and hold your iPhone’s Start button and Home button down at the same time. You need to keep holding them down until you see the Apple logo on your phone which will mean that you have entered the iPhone Recovery Mode.


A message will pop up on your iTunes that will ask whether you want to update your iPhone or restore it. Click on the option to restore your iPhone. This means that it will factory reset and wipe everything.


Wait until your iPhone has finished the factory reset. This may take up to fifteen minutes or so.


Your iPhone will now be ready to go again. You will need to create an Apple ID and password that you have to remember for future use. It’s best to write it down on a piece of paper and put it somewhere very secure. You can set up your iPhone and then start putting the downloaded data from your computer back onto your iPhone.


If all else fails and you still don’t know what to do if you forgot iPhone lock password, then you will need to take a trip to the Apple counter. The staff are trained in solving every iPhone situation and will be able to help you out. We recommend booking in advance as they are often busy and the wait may be long if you just show up without making an appointment.

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