What to Do When iPhone Won’t Connect to WiFi

Wi-Fi makes the world go round! When there is a Wi-Fi connection nearby, there’s no need to sit on your phone, letting it chew up your mobile data plan. You can just get fast and free network access from your local Wi-Fi hotspot.

But what happens when your iPhone won’t connect to WiFi?


If you’re getting frustrated and need to know what are the best hints and tips for connecting to a seemingly unconnectable network, read on and follow these steps for attaining success in connecting to a nearby WiFi.


1. Check if you have Wi-Fi turned on

This may be a little bit of a stupid thing to check but it’s worth it, I promise! The amount of times that I’ve turned off Wi-Fi to save battery on my iPhone and forgotten to switch it back on again after charging is huge.

Go into your phone’s Settings then proceed to Wi-Fi. Make sure the slider bar is turned on to green. If it’s not, then this is why your Wi-Fi couldn’t seem to connect. Select a network to connect with in the list and you will be good to go.


2. Check that you’re within range

Go into your Settings again and then into Wi-Fi. Examine the network you’re trying to connect to on your screen. Does it look like the Wi-Fi point is there but there’s hardly any bars showing? If that is the case, you might be slipping out of range! Head closer to where the router or modem is located and see if the bars go up on your phone. Check and see if it is working by starting up a webpage.


3. Check to see if you can connect to a different network

Head into your school, work, or the usual coffee shop you frequent to see if your phone will connect to their network. If it does, then the problem is with your network not your phone – continue with the steps below. If it can’t, then it is your phone that is causing trouble – head to #8.


4. Check your Wi-Fi password

Has the Wi-Fi password you’re trying to connect to changed? Go into your Settings and Wi-Fi again, select the network you want to connect to, and click Forget. Click on it again, select Connect and then carefully enter the password. You will be told whether you’ve successfully connected to the network or not.


5. Check your modem

Is your modem on? Go over to the box and see if there are lights on it. Switch it off and then switch it on again. If there is no on/off button, just unplug and wait for ten seconds before plugging it again. You should see the lights on the side of it light up and start flashing.

Check and see if your phone is now connected. If not, try if a computer or other device can connect to that particular Wi-Fi hotspot.


6. Download new firmware to your modem or router

Find the make, model and manufacturer details of your modem or router. Go to their website and download the latest version of the firmware to update your device.


7. Reset your modem

This step will completely reset your modem. You will need to set it up again including inputting a new password. Google the specific instructions for your modem’s model and version before you get started so that you’ll know what you’re doing.

On the back of the modem, there will be a very small hole. It should be marked with Reset. You will need to insert a paper clip or a long sharp tool to reach it inside in order to press the button. This will initiate the modem reset. Use the instructions you found to set up your modem again correctly along with a new password.


8. Turn your iPhone off and then on again

Maybe your phone is playing up on you. Turn your iPhone off by holding down the power button until you see the option to power it off completely. Slide the bar across to the right and let it shut down. Wait for ten seconds after your phone has switched off and then turn it on again. See if it will connect to the network.


9. Reset your phone network settings

This will erase all of the network settings on your phone including all the passwords as well as your cellular data networks. Go into Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. You will need to go back in and re-enter the password for the Wi-Fi again and possibly set up your cellular data settings again too.


10. Hit the Apple Store

If all else fails, then it’s time to either hit up your tech-savvy friend or head over to the Apple store to figure out what the issue is. The attendants will help you through your issue and send your phone away for repairs if there is a problem.

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