What to Do When Your iPad Won’t Connect to WiFi

Losing your Wi-Fi signal is like losing your connection to the world. It’s frustrating, it’s debilitating, and it’s scary! Luckily, you’ve managed to pull up this page somehow so all isn’t lost yet. If your iPad is not connecting to Wi-Fi, you can try doing the following steps to gain a signal again.

What to Do When Your iPad Won’t Connect to WiFi

Walk through these steps from first to last and if all else fails, it’s time to give the Apple store a visit.


1. Check your iPad settings to make sure that Wi-Fi is switched on

It might seem obvious, but you wouldn’t believe how often the cause of a Wi-Fi signal being lost is that you’ve managed to switch off the capability on your device. To see if your Wi-Fi connection is active or not, enter your Settings via the gear wheel icon on the iPad. You should see a field that says Wi-Fi. If you are connected, it will have the name of the router that you are connected to displayed. If not, tap on the field to check the Wi-Fi settings.

Once you’re in the sub-menu, it will show Wi-Fi with a switch. If the switch isn’t showing green, then your Wi-Fi is off. Tap on the switch to turn it on and then find your modem in the list of displayed devices and connect to it.


2. Ensure you’re close enough to the modem

If the little Wi-Fi icon at the top of your iPad screen isn’t showing many bars, you might not be within a good range to receive a signal from the modem. Position your iPad closer to the modem and check whether you’re able to connect now.


3. Check your connection with another network

See if it’s your modem that might be the problem. Head down to work, the local café, library, or a friend’s house for an open Wifi connection. Attempt to connect your iPad up with the new network. If it works, then the problem is with your modem. If it doesn’t work, then it’s a problem with your device.

If it’s a problem with your router…


4. See if your modem is working correctly

Go and examine your modem or router. Have a look and see if lights are flashing on it. Try turning it on and off again, or unplugging and replugging it. Now check your iPad to see if it’s connecting. Try and connect to the router with your phone. Some routers only provide support up to a certain number of devices so if other devices are connected, switch off their Wi-Fi and see if you can now connect with your iPad.


5. Do a modem reset

This isn’t just switching your modem off and on. You will need to completely set up your modem again, choosing a name and password after you do a full reset. Check on the modem for a small hole marked ‘reset’. You need to stick a pin or something similar in this small hole to press the button inside. It will completely reset your modem. You need to use the original instructions to set up your modem and try again.

If it’s a problem with your iPad…


6. Switch it off and switch it on again

There may be software issues that are plaguing your iPad. These are usually fixed if you just turn it off, wait for a full ten seconds to let everything shut down completely, and then turn it on again. Check your Wi-Fi connection again to see if it is now working.


7. Delete your iPad network settings

Erasing your network settings might seem like a bit of a stretch but your iPad may not be setting them correctly. Enter your Settings menu again, followed by Reset, and then Reset Network Settings. After doing this, go into your Wi-Fi settings, configure them again, and try connecting to the modem. You will likely need to change the settings for your cellular data as well.


8. Make the journey to go see the ‘Geniuses’ at Apple

The Apple Store does always know best. If our guide still hasn’t got you connected to your Wi-Fi signal, then it’s time for your iPad to take a trip to the Apple store. We recommend booking an appointment in advance to save you time.

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